Baby’s First Tooth 

When should I take my child to the dentist? I get asked this question all the time from friends and family. The answer is– the sooner, the better. Once your child turns 1 years old or as soon as you see that first tooth come in (around 6 months), you want to take your child to the dentist. Not only do we look for early childhood caries, but also pathology. The biggest thing we want to accomplish during that visit is making your child comfortable at the dentist. They pick up fear from their guardian so, we want you and baby to come in together and once they see that you aren’t afraid of the dentist they are much more likely to not have that fear. {Even if you are a little anxious from previous experiences–take a deep breath and be strong for your child. Don’t give them a fear without being able to enjoy the dentist themselves}

There are a few steps we like for parents to take when that first tooth comes in;
1. Brush that tooth–yes it’s one tooth, but it needs brushing. Bacteria only needs one surface to adhere too and if that surface isn’t brushed it will party hard.

2. Don’t put baby to sleep with sugary juices or milk–DO NOT DO IT! This is a for sure way to begin ECC or Early Childhood Caries. Some people are more prone to caries than others due to the bacteria that are genetically able to thrive in their mouth. Do not give that bacteria a reason to thrive!

3. Mommy, many of you are guilty, but DO NOT clean babies pacifier by simply placing it in your mouth. Do you know different bacterias are partying in your mouth when you have active caries? If you have active caries and you place the pacifier in babies mouth, then you have transferred that bacteria making it easier for baby to get caries. NO!NO!NO!
Follow these steps, make sure you don’t skip out on babies dental check up and you are headed in the right direction for your little one!

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