Why Residency Was Not For Me…

The time until graduation has been flying by–almost 100 days left. I have been keeping myself extremely busy at school to not only make sure that I am done with requirements for graduation, but that I am done before graduation.

Next Monday is a huge day for many of my classmates. Its Match Day! Woo Hoo! Match Day is the day that many students find out what residency program they got accepted too (I’ll explain more at a later date). From speciality programs to general practice residency programs, its a very exciting day for everyone to find out what’s next!

For me, Monday will be just like any other ordinary day. Why? Because I did NOT apply to a residency program. If you didn’t know, dentistry does not require a residency program to practice. When you graduate you can head straight to work and thats exactly what I am doing.

Throughout my matriculation in dental school, I wanted to go into a different speciality every week. I started off wanting to go into orthodontics, then I decided prosthodontics was for me, before being excited about pediatrics, and finally reverting to general dentistry.


Mainly everything, I can do without a few things.

But as I changed my mind about what specialties I wanted to go into, from day 1 I knew I was tired. Going to school for 26 years straight can be extremely tiring. So I prayed. And prayed. And prayed. I decided to move forward with filling out the residency application. I committed to completing my personal statement, getting recommendation letters from mentors and professors, and selecting the schools I wanted to attend. Then, I waited. I prayed, I waited, and nothing. Nothing happened. I could not bring myself to click submit.

I was just tired. Even too tired to click submit-Ha!

This was first year. I was tired as soon as we started! Ha!

Before you decide to follow in my foot steps, make sure it’s for you. I am a very open person, willing to learn, not prideful, willing to accept constructive criticism. I’ve tried to milk dental school to the fullest and have good relationships with my mentors. I always have people to turn too if I need help or have questions. Also, if this is what you decide make sure that you are comfortable with your decision.

I have no regrets about my decision and knowing I never clicked submit allowed me to relax. I have general fears about going straight to work, such as learning how to work the system and praying I love my colleagues.

I am super excited to graduate and even more excited to begin this career I’ve worked towards all of my life!





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