Materials I used to study the DAT

This is the #1 question I get asked every time I meet someone applying to dental school, for obvious reasons. It’s also that time to be gearing up to take the big test before the application portal opens.
::DISCLAIMER:: My DAT scores were NOT perfect. However, something worked because I was accepted. I applied to dental school twice and took the DAT twice. The first time I read Kaplan 3 times and that’s it. Nothing else. I didn’t really know the amount of resources out at that time and I received ZERO interviews so, I don’t really recommend doing that.
The second time I took the DAT I got my hands on as many resources as possible. I used Crack the DAT, chad’s notes, various practice tests online, and Destroyer. I also took a Kaplan course—which by the way was probably one the best decisions in studying for the DAT.

The key is…

You want to get your hands on as many questions as possible. Crack the DAT, Destroyer, and Kaplan all have questions and I think they all in one way or the other are pretty similar to the DAT. Crack the DAT was slightly harder, too me, but once I begin making the average score for Crack the DAT I knew I was ready for the actual test.
I worked a part time job at the time, so I had all of the free time. I took about 6 weeks to study.  By the 4th and 5th week I began getting off of schedule because I started to get tired– burn out is real.

I set my days up into 8 hour shifts, leaving two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. I would study a subject for 2 hours and switch. I also took a full length test in the beginning, middle, and end of my studying to gauge how I was progressing. Toward the end of my studying, questions became my study sessions vs. reading and jotting notes.

Don’t be afraid of the test. In the beginning, it can be very intimidating. But, it’s do able. You can do it.Make sure you take time for yourself. Leave the weekends to have fun. Eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of rest. You’ll do great!

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