Dental School Is Over

A few more days and my dental school career will be officially over

Senior year has been…interesting to say the least. I remember coming back to clinics in August thinking, “OMG, May is sooooo far away.” And it’s here, May is finally here. Running around, stressing out, jumping through hoops to finish requirements.

My journey into dental school was a process many have gone through. I applied immediately after undergrad and was denied. I applied for a second time and received interviews at three schools, denied from one, and waitlisted at the other two. I received a call from Meharry Medical College in May of 2013 with school beginning in June.

My life changed forever.

I remember the first day of Gross Anatomy lab, walking to the basement of the school to learn the anatomy of the body from cadavers (deceased, donated bodies), and praying for December to come sooner than later. December 2013 came in a blink of an eye.

I remember when the anxiety started. From the stresses of school, being away from family, needing a break. I learned that I have test anxiety as well.  I began doing yoga and running to keep me calm and focused. I learned what triggered my anxiety and learned to control it (most times). My test anxiety comes and goes. I don’t have a control on that one yet.

I remember failing my first class. Crying. Pulling it together for remediation and making an A the second time around (Periodontics is a puzzle to me. I need a visual before I can place the pieces together. It wasn’t until the end that everything made sense).

PASS applications opening. I completed the application, ahead of my personal deadline. I couldn’t submit. I didn’t want too. I was tired. I decided to go straight to work.
All of the friendships I obtained. I found friends to vent too when times got tough. 4 years. Now, I cringe when I think about how I have to learn how to manage without them every day.
Deaths happened.
I got married.
Friends grew their families.

I lost a few friends along the way.

My life has changed forever.
I forever, owe MMC.
Dental School is over.

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