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Dealing With Rejection

Rejection. We’ve all dealt with it. In life, life hands us plenty of rejections, but it’s our next move that determines our outcome.

The first time I applied to dental school I knew my chances of getting accepted were very slim. Academically, I had nothing to show for except that I was average (3.0GPA) and my DAT scores were horrible (overall 15 and PAT 15). But, I applied anyway because….miracles. Miracles happen. I also heard of plenty of dental students that received an acceptance with the same background as mine.

I sent in my application and waited. Waited and watched friends receive interviews until finally December 1st came and everyone found out their acceptance. I received neither.

That evening after classes I went home and cried. Even though I knew it was a long shot, I prayed for that miracle, but it wasn’t God’s time.

What happened next is how I got through and how I got accepted into Meharry Medical College.

  • I cried
  • I cried some more
  • I felt worthless and inadequate
  • I dried my face and began the next steps (I cried for 10 minutes MAX)
  • I found everything about the DAT that I could online and studied from it.
  • I purchased crack the DAT, The destroyer, and a Kaplan course (previous I only studied from the Kaplan DAT book)
  • I applied again
  • I called each school I applied too over and over. I asked good questions and questions I already knew, I just wanted them to know my name

Soon afterwards, the interviews began trickling in.

The thing with rejection is, it’s going to happen. No matter how hard you wish to be in someone else’s shoes, I bet the life you think is perfect, is not. If not by career, by life in general. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to feel. Feel angry, sad, happy, worthless, or whatever emotion hits you. Soon after, pick yourself up. The longer you wallow in pity the longer you don’t allow yourself to pick up the pieces. I’ve seen many careers and ‘what could have beens’ turn into never happening because of people going rogue or remaining negative.

It’s not easy to be rejected, but the most successful have been through it. It’s what you decide to do next that determines your outcome of the situation.

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