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‘Excuse me! I need a cookie to study’

Before entering dental school I had the luxury of being a part time working baseball wife. Most of my mornings consisted of breakfast, sending hubby off to practice, then gym for 2 hours and work in the evenings of at least 3 days. I initially set out to lose 15-20lbs before dental school and it happened. I was focused and the weight came off pretty easily. I incorporated insanity into my workouts a few times a week paired with 2 hour gym sessions, totaling about 6 days a week.

I was heavily into cardio. So you can imagine, I was slim with no curves. I decided that I needed to gain a few lbs. I took myself off of my health regime and began to eat whatever (I cringe at the thought of how ignorant I was about the body back then). Shortly after, I got accepted into dental school and of course with being in a new city and school it meant trying all the best restaurants and studying with a cookie and grande, sugary, goodness from the local coffee shop.

I continued my workouts, but the weight never stopped piling on. Finally, at 25lbs heavier I put my foot down!

I started going to the gym 3/4 times a week and focused on clean eating. While clean eating I was slowly introduced to vegetarianism. I created an accountability group and lost 15 of the 25lbs. I learned more about the body in dental school, which made me begin lifting more weights and allowing me to become less obsessed with the numbers on the scales and more obsessed with how my body actually looked and how I felt.

It wasn’t easy, but I did it. And while I still yo-yo between 5lbs, I am determined to lose all 25lbs…eventually. I also yo-yo with vegetarianism due to the fact that I love bacon (don’t we all)! I want to take that leap, but I’m not completely sold yet. The 3/4 months that I followed a plant based diet left me feeling less bloated and very energetic. I loved it, but sometimes….I like meat.

Not only does a healthy lifestyle make you look good and feel good, but of course it keeps us away from problems and deadly diseases. Hypertension runs in my family and it is one of the main reasons why I try to keep a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

So don’t forget, eat your wheaties, lift some weights, and drink your gallons!

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