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TTC (Trying To Concieve) 

If you haven’t heard by now, I’m pregnant!!!

I’ve tried my best not too, but I’ve taken a 3 month hiatus because being pregnant is not easy (I’ll get into that another time).

In case you were wondering, YES, she was a planned little nugget and below are a few helpful tips that allowed us to get pregnant within 4 months (which is normal).

1. Talk to your OB/GYN– I actually didn’t get a chance to directly talk to my OB about TTC even though they told me to make an appointment when it was time. However, a year prior I was in the office a ton so I would occasiaonlly ask questions here and there. Regardless if you are TTC or not, stay current with your annual Pap smears!!! I imagine that once you tell them you are TTC they learn about your history and depending on, will take various ultrasounds and such to make sure everything is good and healthy for a baby! I was in my OB office frequently within the past year because I had  polyp removal surgery. While everything is okay. I used this time to ask questions about it effecting a pregnancy  (which I was informed it would not), the future of it returning, and other pregnancy related questions.

2. Download a period tracker app– I use a period tracker app anyway to track when my period was due to come. It allowed me to see beforehand when I would be ovulating and when I could expect my next period. This is when I also learned that I had a very weird cycle!

3. Use a basal thermometer to track ovulation– During my frequent visits to the OB/GYN. I mentioned that my cycles were off. Sometimes being 25 days and other times being 36 days (Can you imagine how many pregnancy tests I’ve taken on a 36 day cycle). I was then introduced to taking my temperature and recording it. If the teemperture spikes, then you are ovulating. If it stays constant throughout the month, every month, then give your OB a call! I did this for about 3 months before TTC to make sure I was still ovulating and again when we began TTC so that we could test ovulation with more accuracy.

4. Begin taking prenatals– It’s actually best to begin prenatals about 3 months before you begins TTC because it allows the folic acids and other nutrients to build up in your body to help baby! I used a whole food based prenatal until I got pregnant and then switched to a gummi prenatal (because my gag reflex became insane). My OB assured me that either and every over the counter prenatal was fine.

5. Stay active and healthy– Before TTC I knew I wanted to be a certain size for my  own health and sanity. Unfortunately, the fear of diet and exercise went out of the window once we started. I always wondered was I working out to hard or were my diets too strict to actually conceive. The first 2 months I actually gained weight trying not to move too much and eat. When I realized how ridiculous I was possibly being, I began to slowly introduce a proper diet and exercise back into my diet. Sadly, I didn’t get back down to the size I was because then…we got pregnant.

6. Pray and relax– TTC can be mentally and physically exhausting. In the beginning, I ate, slept, and breathed TTC. I read about a million blogs, googled a million forums, and kept pregnancy test stashed (which can be very expensive). I always prayed for a little nugget, but it wasn’t until I didn’t think it would happen…that it happened. My husband and I were in the same city for 2 days, about 3/4 days before ovulation. So believe it when they say, sperm can last a few days!!! I was so convinced that month was a lost cause!
We are over the moon excited for little nugget and I can’t wait to share more with you as she grows!

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