Pregnancy thus far…

20 weeks! Officially half way done!

Pregnancy has been interesting to say the least. I always hoped my pregnancy would be super easy and for the most part it has been.
I definitely think ALL women who get pregnant should get paid time off for the first trimester. The fatigue is UNREAL and the morning sickness is not something you want to deal with outside of your house. Plus, if you’re like me…being nauseous is on my checklist of things that must be corrected immediately. When you’re pregnant, you can’t. You just deal with it. Luckily, I could deal with it in my bed…near a toilet.
I also thought I would continue my workouts. But WHO wants to workout carrying another human. She may be small, but the changes to your body makes you feel so abnormal. My workouts went from squatting 100lbs, insanity, 6 mile runs, and yoga weekly to 2 mile walks twice a week….maybe. And OMG my hips! No one explained that they would be stiff after EVERY. SINGLE. WALK. I literally roll out of bed every morning.
I’m am grateful of why this is all happening and to realize that it’s all temporary. Carrying a child is definitely one of the most selfless things I’ve ever done, due to all of the wine I’m giving up, but I am super excited to see HER and learn her personality, but I’m also afraid. Afraid of life for her. Doing something wrong. Not loving her enough. Loving her too much. Almost everything. But deep down I know I’m going to do my best and pray that she receives my love and know that if I make a mistake…it’s okay and I never meant it.

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