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Birthing Class 101

My husband and I attended a birthing class this past weekend and it was extremely informative.
The doctor in me had already done tons of research and obtained professional experiences on childbirth. It was tremendous for my husband! I recommend that all new moms do this with whomever is going to be by their side during childbirth.

The biggest thing that I learned, but still leaves me anxious is when I will know when I am in labor. The answer is always, you will know! I’m only anxious about it because duh! I don’t know. But I trust it. I’ve heard it several times. No one has given me a different answer. Apparently, I will know.

We talked about epidurals, c sections, normal aches and pains, aches and pains that aren’t normal, postpartum , and so much more! Do you know about lochia? The excessive bleeding postpartum that last up to or longer than 6 weeks after birth!

We learned about dilation and of course watched a model baby go through the pelvis (no video! But I do want my husband to make sure he’s down for watching even though he swears he can do it. I don’t want him falling faint during labor), and breastfeeding. My husband and I also got a chance to talk to the pediatrician about how soon can we travel with her to spring training since my husband could possibly leave a week after she is born.

I came into class knowing a lot, but still learned and clarified a lot. Again, it was extremely informative and good to hear no matter how much you know! It just excites me, I just can’t wait to kiss her little face!

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