First 2 months in the real world of dentistry…

I have officially surpassed my first 2months of working…..1 month of actually practicing.
How does it feel?

I LOVE what I do.

At the end of D4 year in dental school, I’m not going to lie. I had doubts. I hated dentistry. I’m pretty sure I was going through functional depression. I woke up everyday dreading it, wanting patients to cancel, but also wanting to finish school. I hustled hard to fulfill requirements, but I showed up to do them with no enthusiasm. During that time, I wondered if this was what I really wanted to do or was I just tired?
I’ve heard plenty stories of people leaving dental school to pursue medicine or finishing dental school to enter an entire new profession. For awhile, I wondered if that was me.

Even while I waited to retake my licensure I looked at different jobs that I could do. I thought maybe this wasn’t for me.

Boy, am I glad that I listened to God. Throughout this entire process of obtaining my DDS. I questioned myself. Questioned what I was doing, but continued to blindly follow God. When he said fight…I fought. No questions asked.

He knew! He knew what I needed! He knew this was for me!


I love the team that I work with and I LOVE doing dentistry.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not always easy. There are a few times I go home thinking what I could have done differently in a situation or how I could have convinced a patient to get treatment that was absolutely necessary to their oral health. I have had to redo crowns and even call patients back to the office after I think about something I’ve done that wasn’t my best work. But I’ve learned that it comes with the territory of not only being new, but being a dentist. My co-workers still have time where they redo restorations or call a patient back to the office and that has made me feel..SO MUCH BETTER! Initially, I thought I was horrible. I thought how could I be such a bad dentist. How could I get better, but I learned that it happens and it will never go away!

While working this one month, I have seen so much growth in myself. Increasing speed, learning what to treat, reading patients, and getting them to understand the importance of their oral health.

I started off babying the teeth. Taking 30 minutes to cut a crown prep. Now, I can cut a 3 unit bridge and crown in 30 minutes!

I started off wanting to do extractions, but a little timid because I hadn’t really extracted a tooth since last March or April on my last oral surgery rotation in school. I kept sending them off to the oral surgeon. Can you believe I just recently extracted 7 teeth on one patient? And that started a domino effect. I’m now saying ‘yes’ to almost all extractions except 3rd molars. It’s just like riding a bike….so easy to start again! It’s just AMAZING!

I’m at the point now where I want to second guess myself less and less and continue to learn! Just because I have graduated doesn’t mean I stop learning. My next fear to overcome are root canals! Of course I’ve done them, of course I know how, but they are tedious. I’m afraid of tedious, but I’m ready!
Did I say? I LOVE my job!

4 comments on “First 2 months in the real world of dentistry…

  1. Thank you for this! I’m in my fourth year of dental school and im currently holding on for dear life and I’m doubting if this is even what I want to do later because im so exhausted. I really hope it gets better


    • It will I promise! The reward is so gratifying in the end—and you’re at the end. I went through many periods of self doubt and wondered if it was the correct path for me! Turned out, it was! Hang in there!

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  2. Reading this you can tell you really do love it, what a blessing! But how long did it take to pull 7 teeth, and then what…implants?

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    • At the time about an hour and a half. Now, maybe 45 mins of the patient stays numb and I don’t have to see other patients at the same time. —-this particular person got a denture, but yes implants are #1 recommendation


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