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An Introvert Surviving in a Newly Extrovert World


Before Brayli I loathed for time alone. I am a born extra intro-extrovert (I’m sure there is correct terminology for it, but for now we will go with that). This means, I can laugh and converse with any person for a CERTAIN amount of time and when you tell me my weekend sounds boring because I laid in bed watching movies or cleaning all day, my response is usually that it was marvelous. I love to do absolutely nothing because it is absolutely doing something. I react with people Monday -Thursday, 8AM-5PM. I am naturally a bubbly person that finds interest in helping people and listening to people, however I have a extrovert capacity limit. The best way I can explain it is feeding energy coins into the meter. When that last coin runs out, I need more coins put in, or to retreat. Too much noise, too loud noise, too many people, not enough space for a long period of time….makes me retreat.

I retreat and recharge.

So there is no surprise that I need to recharge even with baby girl. She needs constant entertainment. I don’t need extra sleep, I don’t need ( but do appreciate) to complete my meal in one sitting…uninterrupted, I just need recharging. Because my husband is on the road a lot…majority of my recharging happens before I go to bed or during her nap after daycare. At this time, I don’t need anything….nothing….just to be alone. Just to sit there. Just to recharge.

I don’t get as long to recharge these days. I’ve learned that even if I get 5 minutes before she needs me, I take it and when hubby is home I make sure to throw a bottle his way and retreat to the bathroom (I understand why moms escape here). At this time, he respects my time to recharge unless she just needs her mama….in which then he’s frantically asking me, ‘What’s wrong with her?’

Take this time for yourself. Baby, or no baby. Eat a cupcake or have a glass of wine in the closet (yes, I’ve done this). Read 5 minutes before you go to bed. Light a few candles. Just take the time you need. I HAVE to do this every couple of days. UNPLANNED, if you have no help, I learned the hard way that everything is unplanned with a baby. I have had my heart set on a 8:30PM cupcake in bed, but missy is still wide awake, which doesn’t make for a happy mama. Regardless of what it is, becoming a mom has changed me from being an extra intro-extrovert to a extra extro-introvert extremely fast.

If I can adjust, so can you. I’m amazed at how I’ve implemented the new me according to her lifestyle without being angry or resenting my husband for all of the quiet time he gets. However, don’t get me wrong, I am impatiently waiting for the off season so that I can have a glass of wine untimed.

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