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Not So, Single Mom

Let’s Give Props to the Single Moms

*cues everlasting claps*

I gave birth to my daughter January 27, 2018 and exactly 2 weeks later my husband took off for Spring Training. Before I complain too much, most WAGS don’t even get this much time together.

From the day he left for Spring Training until the season is over…I’ve played the single mom role more times than not.

Now, let’s not get it twisted. We will not misconstrue my words. My husband is very present in my child’s life and a extremely hands on dad when he can be!

I mentioned before that Brayli and I follow a pretty strict schedule. My husband is away at least 7 days straight, followed by 7 days home so, even when he’s home, she’s basically sleep.

This schedule leaves me to become put on my cape and become Wonder Woman—or Wonder Mom.

I texted my friend recently about how single mom-ish I felt as most of my days are the same. Wake up, just me—go to sleep, just me.

‘I’m basically a real life single mom….I came home, washed clothes, went to the store, cooked B’s dinner, washed +boiled + prepared bottles and her food for the week, played with her, bathed her, worked out (granted it was a solid 15mins), took a shower, fed and put her to bed. Sometimes I eat dinner… lol’

This isn’t for the faintest of hearts. Nor is it for the strongest.

I don’t complain, because I enjoy it. I enjoy spending time with my daughter—do I wish that sometimes I can eat everyday (because some nights I’m too exhausted to eat)? Yes. Do I wish that some days I can have more than 5 minutes of me time? Yes.

But this is my reality and this is the life I prepared myself for. I truly understand and feel for single moms. After 7 months, I get to take my single mom hat off—I get help. Single moms, don’t. They deserve a lot more recognition than they receive. Honestly, they probably deserve a day to be celebrated (don’t worry, same for single dads). If you know a single mom, just thank her, tell her she’s doing an awesome job. Thank her for doing all that she does, for herself and for her child. The strength of a single mom (dad) is definitely unmatched.

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