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My Top 3 Daily Facial Essentials

First let me start off by saying I never really had a problem with my face (meaning acne). But, I have always had eczema, so my face is no stranger to being dry without proper moisture.

If you have typically dry skin, this may work for you. If not, I’m sorry. 20oz for $15.91

I typically start and end my day with cleansing my face with old fashion soap and water and you have eczema you already know that Dove soap works wonders! But, if I have a sweaty day at work (a day full of extractions) or after a good workout I always cleanse with Cetaphil. I have tried other cleansers, such as Ceravu–but this one works the best for me. Most cleansers completely dry my face out way too much and Cetaphil leaves me feeling clean, but not too dry. 6.5oz for $7.02

Although Cetaphil doesn’t leave me feeling dry I still hate the feeling of a super bare face. I generally follow up with Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel after a good cleansing. YES, you will be left oily and YES, you will look like you can fry chicken on your face. That is why I ALSO take a dry hand towel and pat ‘dry’ my face after placing it. IF YOU HAVE AN ALREADY OILY FACE, THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT WORK FOR YOU. $49

Lastly, this started off as a sample for my birthday from Sephora and I FELL IN LOVE. I only have tried the Glam Glow in nude pink and it works great. This tinted moisturizer definitely leaves a glow and it’s the perfect moisture for my skin.

Okay, really–Last, but not least–WATER! This wasn’t included in my top 3 simply because YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS! Not only is it great to up keep with breastmilk, but it’s also great to keep clear skin. I TRY to drink at least a half a gallon of water a day and if I don’t–I can definitely tell by the way my skin looks. The more the merrier.

Those are my 3 daily essentials. Not much, but it definitely keeps my skin glowing!

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