I LOVE Podcasts!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE podcasts. Too many to be exact, I probably listen to more podcast than music—except Beyonce, I listen to more Beyonce.

My podcast list is very random, to say the least. One minute I can be very ratchet and raunchy and the next day I can have a praise party. Don’t be alarmed when I go down the list below of my current favorite podcast. They range from aww to *gasp*;


Mediocre to Masterful by Nicole Jones


This particular podcast is actually by an old classmate of mine from Georgia State University. I’m definitely an advocate of supporting my friends, associates, or simply people that I use to know. Nicole started her podcast this year, a few months ago to be exact and I’ve been listening every since. The title of her podcast is exactly what each episode is about; how to go from mediocre to masterful. Each episode brings forth a person who has learned the qualities that were needed to make the switch and tap into their inner greatness. Its definitely a good podcasts to listen to if you need that extra push to help reach your full potential in making your next steps in obtaining your goals.

Therapy For Black Girls by Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D

therapy for black girls

::Disclaimer:: As she states in the beginning of her podcast, this is not to be replaced with a real, licensed therapist. Dr. Bradford is a licensed therapist in the state of Georgia that focuses on a wide range of issues on her podcasts. I have been listening for quite some time now and topics ranging from miscarriages to self-destruction have been discussed. Again, it does not replace a license therapist, but sometimes it’s a good tool to listen too as it offers various in sight on ways you can control or change yourself to be the best you. It may also open the doors for you to see a therapist if you feel you need one.

Ratchet and Raunchy

Angela Yee’s Lip Service by Angela Yee


This by far, is my favorite podcasts. It was the very first podcast that I downloaded. Angela Yee is a radio personality from The Breakfast Club, that has branched to produce this gem with two other lovely hosts. Each week a new guest (Hip Hop and R&B artists) is invited to talk about life, more often times than not, its about their sex life. It allows you to get down and dirty with your favorite artist and learn about their real personality. Nothing gets more clarity than sexual conversations. If you love a good laugh, want to hear your favorite artists get real, and possibly learn some new tricks you will probably really enjoy this podcast. NSFW.


Transformation Church by Mike Todd

transofrmation church

I was introduced to Mike Todd after my best friend made me watch a 8 hour Relationship Goals Retreat. The actual church is in Oklahoma, but he uploads his sermons to YouTube and now as a podcast. Every since then, I have been hooked. I typically listen to my spiritual podcasts Monday mornings—to start my week off right and any other time I really need a good word. I really enjoy his sermons because he tells a personal story to help understand what his interpretation of what the message of the bible is trying to convey. Also, he’s fairly young so he’s pretty relatable.

The Potter’s House at One LA by Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts


This is another spiritual podcast that I absolutely love. This is very similar to Transformation Church, except they are based out of a different state. I was actually introduced to Pastor Toure’s sermon from listening to Sarah Jakes Roberts (his wife) posdcast, Women Evolve. It is simply his and her sermons from church. Between this podcast and Transformation Church, they give me the boost that I need each week.

Overall, I have a wide range collection of podcast that I like to listen too, but these are my favorite. Do you listen to podcast? What are some of your favorite?

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  1. Keep sharing, stay motivated


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