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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

It’s that time of year again…

It’s Christmas guys!

Please don’t correct me. Every year millions of people start thinking about a list of gifts and money that needs to be saved starting in September and every year millions of people wait until the week before Christmas to grab a gift that was never on the list. So, I’m going to try to make it easy for everyone with hopes that my family doesn’t read my blog. If you do, just know that one of these could in fact be what Santa is getting for you.


If you saw my Instagram Story not too long ago you saw me make a mad dash in Target to get my girl Michelle Obamas newly released memoir. THIS IS A HOT COMMODITY and its linked! This is a gift that I know someone will appreciate especially if they love how poised, articulate, and awesome my girl is! If the person you are gifting it too is not a fan of reading, don’t worry there is a studio version as well. Sadly, if you aren’t into this book there are a million and one others to choose from and I have listed some of my favorites and ones I want to read as well.

Apple Airpods

If you don’t know what these are, you are quite possibly living under a rock. This gift is a gift you did NOT realize that you (meaning yourself and the person you are gifting too) needed. I was against the air pods until I was forced to get them when I purchased the iphone X. I constantly ask myself how did I live without them. They are perfect for running or listening to my favorite podcast while I’m getting my nails done.

Whitening Trays + Oral B Electric Toothbrush

I’m a dentist. What did you expect? Listen. Although, it seems nerdy and odd these are gifts you also don’t realize you need until you receive them. I mean come on, Do you have a toothbrush that plays music for you? The Oral B is a necessity for anyone with teeth and with this combination that smile will be much brighter from when the person on the receiving the gift unwrapped it.

Gift Cards

Listen; people LOVE when they don’t have to spend their money on every day necessities. I know it’s the cliché gift, but it’s needed. I especially look forward to gift cards that I can use on everyday life; groceries, coffee, gas, a general visa card will all be greatly appreciated I guarantee.

If you checked out my IG stories recently I posted some good black friday deals I came across while out in the madness. I’ve added them to my highlights and I’ll continue to update them throughout the holiday season!

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