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How to Keep a Toddler Entertained…

You can’t!

Ha. I’m not sure if 10 months is considered a toddler yet, but it’s much closer than an infant so that’s what I’ve been using.

I decided to take Brayli to the mall with me this weekend for some Christmas shopping due to the fact that we’ve been gone for nearly 2 weeks traveling Europe. I missed my baby–I want to spend time with her.

Before I continue let me explain one thing about babies. Their tiny brains are growing, learning, and changing at the speed of lightening. So, 2 weeks away from her was like learning a fairly new tiny human.

Before we headed out, my mom asked me was I sure I wanted to take her to the mall and my reply was yes, simply to spend that extra time with her. When we arrived, she started off with the usual looking around and observing her surroundings. That then turned into talking to me while I shop. After about 30 minutes–she was absolutely DONE. She was fussing at me and wanting to get out.

At this point, I realized that the baby I knew 10 days ago was NOT the baby I knew today. But I was prepared.

I’m always prepared. *que evil laugh*

It was quite simple actually, no hidden tricks. Allow her to run around and eat snacks! Each store that we went into for longer periods I allowed her to run around a little. With her recently learning how to walk and recently getting steady on her feet I let her run around and adventure off. Yes, it took a little longer to shop, but I didn’t have a crying ‘toddler’ and people staring at me in the process. In between the stroller rides around the mall I fed her snacks! Yes, I am the mom that will give her baby one yogurt melt in exchange for 5 minutes of no fussing so that I can have conversations with cashiers about what I’m looking for. 🙂

People are so afraid to take their babies out because lets admit it— all toddlers are bad. *shrug* They constantly need to move, eat, and scream. But the key is, at this age is to let them explore a little and allow them to feel independent. This is how they thrive, it’s how they learn.

You have to ask yourself sometimes, would I want to be in a stroller in a place full of independent humans?

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