Allergies in Kids

If you know me, you know that my paranoia level is pass level 10! My anxiety, while somewhat at bay, can hit me head on when it comes to Brayli. So, imagine my anxiety level after we had our first run in with food allergies.


With every new food we’ve tried, I started off with a little hesitation, especially foods that I am allergic too. Genetically, the food that a parent is allergic too can be the same for the child and because she’s picked up my eczema I know there will be many allergies that we will find along the way.

Funny thing, I’ve always had allergies, but my food allergies were acquired (or at least got worse over time). I was once able to bite into an apple or pear, but something switched and then one day I could not. I still remember biting into my last apple at the age of 17, within minutes my mouth and throat began to itch tremendously. I had noticed it happening a few times before, but this particular time it got pretty scary. I immediately downed a few glasses of warm water and immediately took Benadryl. Overtime I learned that this pertained to most fruits that I must bite into, but if it’s canned, frozen, or blended I am able to eat it.

When I started giving foods to Brayli I was fairly cautious and a little anxious with each food she tried.

Then it happened!

We tried strawberries for the first time and immediately formed a rash around her mouth. Before I noticed the rash forming, at the table, she stopped talking, eating, and began to scratch all around her face. She became irritable and somewhat drowsy. Slowly, the rash began to welt and that’s when I realized something was really wrong. I immediately gave her Benadryl and prayed to God that it would not get worse.

It didn’t.

This was only incident #1.




Mind blown.

I did a little research on eggs and found various new and old articles on giving eggs as a beginner food. As we began transitioning to finger foods, I thought eggs would be great for her to try. I didn’t know anyone in the family with an egg allergy and quite frankly hadn’t run into with it at all.

Not even a full minute had passed since she swallowed a piece of egg and projectile vomiting happened. TWICE.

However, this one didn’t exactly come as a surprise. In my research, I read a few articles that stated that it was previously recommended that you don’t introduce eggs to your baby until after the age of 1 due to a protein to tolerating certain type of proteins in the egg. In several other articles it was explained that most doctors didn’t see a reason to withhold it. I made the decision as best as I could.

The scariest part of it all is that there may be more, but because we know of a few allergies combined with her eczema her doctor has recommend that we see an immunologist and do allergy testing for her. I have to remember that this comes with the territory of taking care of another human. I’m not going to lie, it has caused me to become less excited and more anxious when trying new foods, but we are slowly, but surely getting through them all.

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