Mama, I went to Europe!

Let me start this post off by thanking the man above. It has only been a dream to travel to Europe and most people aren’t able to do it, but mama we did it! We traveled to Europe!

For those of you wanting to know all about it, here we are and I am super excited to share.


Our trip was a total of 10 days.


If you remember my post a few months back we were only suppose to travel around Italy, but unfortunately when we found out this was one of the extremely bad rain years for them we decided to back out. In return, we did a lot more traveling than we would have liked. Only having spent 2 days in Milan and 1 day in Venice. Also, making us spend a couple extra dollars to accommodate.

Each of the cities were beautiful in its own way. Below I’ll explain my favorite city to my least favorite city.

  1. Paris, France

I could be bias, but this was definitely on my bucketlist. We stayed in the neighborhood of Bastille surrounded by plenty of shopping, nightlife, and restaurants. It lived up to every expectation that I had of it. EXCEPT, the food. I am not a picky eater and I heard about the food there being bland. It definitely was just that, bland. HOWEVER, the pastries were AMAZING! We had beignets, macaroons, gelato, and waffles! Yes, waffles. Breakfast there was not like breakfast here in the states, but I stumbled upon a ‘bakery’ called The Waffle Factory where the waffle was served as a dessert. I topped mine with caramel and it was indeed the BEST waffle I had ever tasted. Seriously, can we open one here please?

If you are not use to walking, then you better get use to it. If you don’t prefer public transportations they have Uber, but financially it’s cheaper to take the train and most of the time it was faster to travel that way. Also, smoking is still a thing there, everywhere you go people are smoking and there is nowhere to hide from it. So if you can’t stand cigarettes, this is not the place for you.

While there we roamed the streets of Bastille, traveled to the Eiffel Tour, the Palace of Versailles, and the Louvre. Everything was BREATHTAKING. The art surrounding the city is amazing. The one thing that I did not like was that portions of the Louvre were closed on Fridays and we had no idea ( We couldn’t find that information online either). Also, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to tour the Louvre, it takes roughly 4 hours to get through and that’s even if you never stop to view the beauty.

Each city we stayed in an air bnb, except Italy. We stayed in a super cute 3 bedroom apartment smacked right between and above shopping.


Venice, Italy

Before going to Venice, I read and had others tell me about how there are no streets for cars, but it wasn’t until I was there that l I fully grasped that concept. They get around by water taxi’s, water bus, or personal boat. And don’t take the wrong water bus or you’ll end up going around the city on a hour long trip that could have taken 10 minutes….like us.

The food in Venice was great! All of the pasta, wine, and seafood you can have! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to properly indulge in the pastries because most of the bakeries were cash only. All of the buildings and architecture was extremely old, but beautiful. The colors of the city reflecting off the water definitely made it the most picturesque of all of the cities we visited

The hospitality here was impeccable. We noticed fairly quickly that things close early in Italy, so eat dinner at an appropriate time. The night that we took the waterbus the wrong way, we missed all of the restaurants. However, one chef opened his kitchen just for us to eat! A few of his friends were enjoying a glass of wine while he was closing the place and figured he wasn’t in a rush home! We talked with a few locals, ate delicious steak, and found out about Campanelli olive oil.


This was also my second best place to stay. It was a small boutique hotel on the last water bus stop. It was the smallest (which you get use too), but the gold accents definitely give it a cool look and royal experience.

  1. Milan, Italy

Milan was not different when it came to the beautiful art and colors of the city.

This city was defiantly full of shopping. We spent an entire day of shopping the streets of Duomo and awing at the many luxury brands that originated there. All beautifully laid out with expensive gifts for the fashion lovers. Items are in fact CHEAPER in Italy, so, if you are thinking about buying something fancy and you know you are headed to Italy, I would wait. I’m talking about saving hundreds of dollars.



  1. London, UK

While I loved London and I wouldn’t turn down a chance to visit again, it was my least favorite of the favorites. It was very close to America, aside from the fact that they may be a tad less conservative (maybe like a lot less). However, they had the best food, but probably because it was similar to home. The diversity was very prominent with Mediterranean and Jamaican food all on the same street. Here we visited Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, and Big Ben


Overall, I definitely loved my experience in Europe. It did put a few things into perspective when I had to make it known that I had nothing to do with what our lovely, or lack thereof, President was doing. Before traveling, I knew that Americans weren’t their favorite people, but they didn’t show their disdain toward us and that was a little surprising from hearing other experiences. I definitely can’t wait to get back to Europe. There are so many more cities that I want to visit and so much MORE food to taste!

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