Our Transition to Table Food

We are finally in the young toddler phase! The fascinating age of frequently new words, sounds, tantrums, and all the food they can eat….by themselves!

And the only reason I made the huge jump is because daycare explained that’s she’s moving to the young toddler classroom and pureed foods are for babies only *sticks tongue out *, but also because she has been increasingly interested in foods on my plate, while sticking her wet, sticky fingers into my food.

If you’ve read my previous blog post {{Allergies In Kids}} then you’ll understand how my fear of food allergies has almost halted us at the 8-month-old stage, but I can’t fathom actually hindering my own child, so we made the jump.

Brayli has been eating non-pureed snacks for some time now and I had been very slowly feeding her finger foods. Double checking and making sure than none caused her allergies, often times making her eat the same meals over and over out of fear.

I had to just jump into it.

And well, she was all for it. Every time she sits in her portable high chair she immediately begins saying, ‘MMMmmmmMmmmMMM,’ not exactly knowing what’s coming her way, but that she wants it and she doesn’t want any help with getting it into her mouth.

It can be a very scary situation, especially if you’ve had an allergy scare. To let go was a definite work in progress. But once I came to the realization that she has to eat and she can’t drink milk for the rest of her life it became easier. Sometimes you need to jump and do. Others may need to take it slow, but allow your child to be your guidance. When Brayli began to grab food off of my plate I knew I couldn’t hold her back for long. She’s a growing child and instead of us stressing about what is best for them they in so many actions, show us.

Allow them to guide you and you’ll never be wrong.

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