Brayli’s Favorite Toys From Santa

The holidays are finally over and we’re getting back to our normal routines;

Working Monday – Thursday

Making healthier food choices

8PM bedtime

Everything except… that I almost break my ankle every morning tripping on one of the many toys that Santa brought Brayli. Gripping my toes with an ugly silent crying face all while praying the loud sing-a-long doesn’t wake her.

Brayli received so many toys from Santa that I still haven’t even opened a select few…it’ll be such a surprise in the coming days, weeks, or even months. 🙂

Brayli has personally handpicked a few of her favorite toys to share with everyone…all of them are mommy approved.

VTech Telephone
With all of the facetime calls that she has with her grandparents, it’s no surprise that she loves to talk on the phone. Brayli increasingly became interested in playing with my phone and started saying, ‘Hi’ every time one would ring . This VTech phone not only keeps her entertained, but it also had a ton of educational functions that she enjoys.

vtech phone



LeapFrog Count and Crawl Kitty
This kitty not only can count and play music for her to jam too, but she purrs. The most fascinating thing is watching her pick on the different sounds. While, Brayli can’t count yet and I’m sure it’ll be a little time before she picks up on counting consecutive, she’s definitely picked up on the purring sound and loves to do it!


Fisher Price Little People See-N-Say Farm Ride 
Again,The sounds! Initially she was slightly freaked out about riding it, but over time it became one of her favorites. The front of the car has the old school toy that I once had attached to it. When you pull the handle, it lands on an animal, which in turns makes the appropriate animal sound. This is how we learned what the cow says. The cow was the easiest to mimic and after telling her it was a cow, if you ask her she’ll have no problem telling you what it says. That has also lead us to learning other animals.

little people car

If you’ve followed me for sometime, this should come as no surprise. She loves everything on the Disney Channel, but especially Vampirina. She has no educational quips associated with her, just pure fun and joy. Her face lights up every time Vee speaks to her. Beware this doll is for ages 3 and up, so immediately when I opened the box I removed Vee’s hair bows and rubber bands to make it safe for her to play with.


Above are a few of her favorite choices, if she could, she would choose each of her new toys as her favorite. Santa tried to get as many educational, but fun toys as possible and seeing that her birthday is coming up I wouldnt be surprised if this list changes soon!

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