I got an overwhelmingly crazy amount of responses to my #truths IG stories post about having a bad day in dentistry.

I started the #truths stories for just that…truths. Instagram can put on such a happy front we start to believe that there is only one emotion…HAPPY. Paired with the fact that we believe everyone is apart of only one tax bracket…RICH.


We are humans. I am human. I am not always HAPPY and dentistry sure as heck ain’t made me the kind of RICH I would like to be.

This particular post triggered a lot of support in people telling me to keep my head up and I truly appreciate it. 

But let’s be real.

I LOVE the profession that has brought me insurmountable debt along with mean, mean, evil human beings that expect perfection out of you, but everyday is not a great day.

I tell everyone wanting to go into dentistry to make sure it’s what you want. It is the road less traveled for a reason. School itself has an ugly head that can make any person go crazy, and IF you survive, I promise you’ll see the light.

But, then there’s the real world of work. I can’t speak on residency, but at school, many times patients didn’t complain. They walk through the door, know they are getting an amazing discount, and accept that the student doctor is doing their best.

It’s not the same understanding in the real world.

But NEWSFLASH, more times than not I am lowering my prices because dentistry is ridiculously expensive and I have a heart. So, those amazing discounts still happen.

Some things insurance just can’t pay enough for, like evil patients. WHY ISN’T THERE A CODE FOR THAT?

The patient that can’t stay wide for tooth #15…

The patient that needs to swallow every 2 seconds…

The families that bring personal drama to the office…

The patients that have seen Root Cause…

The patients that know they need crowns on top of root tips…


There are days that everything just goes wrong.

A dental assistant calls out of work, but patients only see that the office is moving very slow.

The CEREC machine is a computer, it goes down or simply does what it wants. There are times where I need to adjust my preps because the computer says so, but patients want their same-day crowns in 2 hours. I can’t just give them a crown because our advertisement says 2 hours, and I am learning to refuse rushing my work because of a patient’s attitude (this has increasingly worked in my favor).

There are times when you’ve been at work since 6:45 a.m. until 7 p.m., but patients just don’t care. They need their work done today, because their benefits end tomorrow.

There are days you don’t want to work because you’ve been overworked due to the end of the year rush, but you HAVE to…for your patients.

These are all #truths.

But I’m not complaining
I love dentistry.
I love my job.
There are days I walk out of the office thinking, ‘what the f$&k just happened?’

I can’t make everyone happy, I can’t make every patient like me, but I can do my best.

The truth is, I always do my best.

Is there a code for that?

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