I’ve started this platform as a means to inspire by telling the truth about my life and things that I’ve gone through. While you don’t consistently see my husband on my Instagram timeline—he is there. He’s always been there.

I met my husband in middle school and we didn’t start dating until my junior year of college. In the beginning, I resisted. Yes, we knew each other, but the way my craziness is set up—I’m not about that ‘ride or die because he buys me nice things type of chick’ life and he understood that and he never expected that from me. We quickly fell in love. After a year and a half of dating, we got engaged. November 23, 2013 during my first semester of dental school, we got married.

wedding 3


And it was all sunshine and roses there after.


Yeah. Right.


Well, sometimes it is.


You hear it all the time— marriage is hard. But, just like your first child, you can never prepare for what marriage has in store. You don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed. And when you don’t you have to be prepared for anything that comes.

Over these last 5 years, I’ve learned that the biggest lesson in marriage is not only the cliché honesty, communication, and trust between two, but I learned that there will be times where you do not like each other, the flame will dissipate, but it is up to you BOTH to light the spark every time and in a timely manner.

Life happens to us all and we all are effected by it differently. The way the wind blows can feel spectacular to one person, but cold to the next. The difference in how you each view life experiences is what makes marriage hard. But, the key is to respect each others experiences.

I’ve watched friends marry and divorce all before the age of 30. Some of them over serious things and some of them over small things, but the problem in them all was not being able to light that spark again. When you fall into a place of darkness its extremely hard to find the light. But, find it—if you can.

Marriage is NOT easy. Marriage is HARD. But, marriage is WORTH IT.

It’s a continuity of breaking down then building up and the reward of coming out on the other side is always awesome.

We have made it to 5 years.

Many people don’t make it this far. I know I haven’t always been the easiest to deal with, I hold grudges that take light years to break through, I am crazy, he gets left behind when I’m stressed. But, I’m appreciative of all of the hard work he’s put in to make sure our love doesn’t go dim. I’m appreciative of the work he puts in to make sure our marriage is worthy. And while I probably roll my eyes a million times a day, I am glad he’s the one I decided to do life with.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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