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If you guys have been following me on Instagram (@Drloveyoursmile) then you know I have really been trying to get my life together when it comes to my hair. I get up every morning and slap all of my hair into a high bun, then go on about my day.

Before Brayli, I was on a quest to grow my natural tresses and make them as healthy as possible. I frequently co-washed, wore protective styles, took my daily vitamins and overall made sure I was giving my hair some good TLC.

During pregnancy things got rough, the morning sickness and fatigue hit me hard.  You could barely even get me to leave my house, let alone do my hair. And after having Brayli, I never picked it back up. I never co-wash, deep condition, and very rarely do I wear any style except a bun and maybe some twists.

Well, I have put my foot down! Those are days are over! While my time is now limited,I am more invested in taking care of my hair and looking like a decent human being again.

When I do wear my natural hair out I receive a ton of questions about what products I use. Just like every naturally curly haired girl, it took a lot of trial and error to find the perfect match for my hair.

During this quest, I have found a select few hair products that I love to use to boost my curls.

  • Multicultural curls by Miss Jessies

– This is my everyday hair product when I style a wash-n-go. Its pretty pricey, but the good news is I only have to use the dime size amount (or three) for it to properly work through my hair. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and super moisturized.

  • Shea Moisture Hair Masque

–  Let me start by saying there are multiple hair masque by Shea Moisture and I love them all! I started using these from a random sample at a local beauty supply store. I’ve incorporated this product about once a month and recently I’ve been putting it on my hair again the day before I wash. I LOVE this stuff! It leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable when detangling. I’ve also seen a difference in my hair shedding since I’ve started using this product.

  • Curl Souffle by Dark and Lovely

– This is my other everyday go to product when I style a wash-n-go. This paired with Mixed Chicks leaves my hair in a frizz-less, shiny, curl pattern.

  • Shea Moisture Co- Wash

– Like many other Shea Moisture products, this too has many choices and I love them all. I mainly Co-Wash in the summer or when I am to lazy too shampoo my hair properly. In the winter time, I use it as a hair masque the day before I shampoo my hair to add moisture.


I do not use all of these products at once and I use some more than others depending on the need, season, or what I feel like my hair needs. But, the products listed are some of my favorite products. As I find more products that I love, I will keep you guys updated and add to this list!

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