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Packing for a Weekend Getaway with a Carry-on

Listen, I am typically not the girl that teaches others how to pack because quite frankly….I suck at it. I need a million and one choices because I don’t know how I will feel that day, I always have a zillion hair products, my eczema calls for the largest bottle of Aveeno, prescription medicine, and good body wash because my sensitive skin hates most hotels soap.

Well, I was challenged on my weekend getaway to Miami. I booked a flight on good ole’ Frontier because it was cheap of course, but being cheap also comes with extra fees. Seriously, on the flight they wanted $6 for sprite!

NOPE! Not this time. Not I.

I quickly paid for my $38 carry-on luggage so that I wouldn’t have to pay $68 at the airport and learned how to pack light!

I’m going to share with y’all how I did it. Below are 3 tips on how I avoided the astronomical fees of a checked bag;

1. Plan ahead

If you’re like me, you just don’t plan your suitcase. You wait until the night before and can’t decide on anything, so everything goes. Not this time, while I still ended up packing the night before, I decided to make a list of everything I wanted to take ahead of time. I told myself to make a decision and pick what to wear. Simple right. Sort of. Shoes, which undies I would need, soaps, etc. I made a list and packed only that.

2. Amazing things in Target

The main reason I decided to only take a carry on is because I saw travel size Shea Moisture body wash in Target. FOR THE WIN! With my sensitive skin I have to have anything moisturizing or anything my skin can tolerate, period. Typically, bar soap is better for dry skin and I don’t like to take bar soap on vacations, so a good body wash is always needed. Initially, I decided that braids were my only style of choice until I found out that there are a such thing as travel size natural hair products! LIKE WHAT? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? If this does not excite you, then I am not sure what else does. —or maybe I am just behind. (I still only wore the braids).

3. Roll up and use every inch of space

Roll up…..your clothes. What did you think I was talking about? I honestly wanted to switch to a check bag multiple times before I left. But then, I thought about how I wasn’t giving the cheap flight the satisfaction of taking anymore of my coins, because what would be the point of the cheap flight. I used the roll up technique and no space was wasted.

Swimsuit from ASOS

The only downfall about me taking a carry on is that I have a duffle bag style carry on. I am really thinking about taking a carry on for my next trip. It wasn’t so bad. But, it’s definitely time to invest into some nice luggage before I make that move.

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