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How I Knew I was Pregnant

I can’t believe it’s been a full 2 years since I found out I was pregnant with Brayli.

If you are like me then every month (contraceptive or not) you are counting down the days until your menses begin. While trying to conceive, I basically held my breath until aunt flow began or..she didn’t.

If you are trying to conceive…or not…the symptoms can be very similar if not identical to beginning your period. Each month I get pretty bloated (gain anywhere between 2-5lbs in a matter of seconds), moody (sorry husband), hungry (not just for chocolate), and a ‘missed’ period (when not regulated by an oral contraceptive my cycle length can range from 28-31 days, its even been 35 days before). However, when we finally got pregnant there were a few symptoms that I did not easily find on google and wasn’t expecting until I spoke with my midwife.

Graduation picture
Pregnant and clueless immediately after graduation
  1. Eczema Flare Up

I have lived with eczema all of my life so, it was not a surprise after realizing I was pregnant that it got REALLY bad due to all of the hormones. However, the flare up started extremely early for me. I remember asking my best friend if dry skin was a symptom of pregnancy BEFORE I even took a pregnancy test–BEFORE I even missed my period. I joked around not thinking I was really pregnancy during the time and attributed it to stress due to graduation, moving, and licensure. I soon found out that it was real! Those hormones attack fast and my body reacted to it just as fast!

2. Spike in temperature

Naturally, I can be hot in nature. I enjoy the air blasting during all seasons and while it was the summer when I found out I was pregnant I felt like this particular summer was leaning on the gates of hell! I was only about one day late when I googled and found out that feeling hot was a real pregnancy symptom. No one had every mentioned it before, so I shrugged it off and thought it was a fluke. Come to find out, it is also real. The hot symptom lasted throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy and stopped immediately after I gave birth. In the month of December, I wouldn’t allow my house to get above 65 degrees and I opened the windows every night before I went to bed. Optimal resting temperature was around 62 degrees. My poor husband and dog were both freezing icicles, but they were troopers. My husband walked around the house with long johns, sweat pants and a hoodie while I only wore a sports bra and underwear with a tub of ice cream. Do you want to build a snowmaaannnnnn?


3. Implantation Bleeding

After missing my period for 3 days, I finally took a pregnancy test because anxiety wouldn’t allow me to wait a week. However, I have gone as long as 5 days in a normal cycle before aunt flow finally showing up. The day after I took a pregnancy test I had implantation bleeding. I’ve read up on implantation bleeding and of course nothing was certain. I asked around and no one I personally asked had it ever experienced it before. Talk about SCARY! I just found out I was pregnant and had planned out every way I was going to tell my husband only to think my dreams were being crushed –Mom’s who experience a true miscarriage are extremely strong. I started implantation bleeding about 4AM and it felt like a period. I used the restroom and there it was. I tried to stay calm and go back to sleep understanding that miscarriages can in fact happen. There was my normal cramping and real bleeding associated with it. At 8AM, I called my OB and explained what was happening just in case I needed to come in for the process. They assured me that it was probably implantation bleeding and not a miscarriage because of the time it was happening and the fact that my cramps were normal and not severe. They explained that the bleeding could be constant for 24 hours, but should not get heavy. I thanked them and cried so hard when I hung up the phone. I then called my husband and cried hysterically when he answered, only to tell him that I was pregnant and I thought everything was okay. So romantic and exciting right? The bleeding came to a halt by noon that day and it never happened again. My brief experience of emotions could never amount to what others really feel. I know how I felt for those few hours and could never imagine how mamas who have experienced it before feel.– While Implantation bleeding didn’t happen before I took the pregnancy test, if nerves didn’t get the best of me I would have brushed it off as a weird period and went on about my day.

I still had all of the normal pregnancy symptoms, but these were the three that I didn’t initially realize could be because of pregnancy. The craziest part of it all is that I hear each pregnancy can be very different. I’m excited to see what the next baby brings, but I’ll be sure checking for these three symptoms each month as I am currently NOT trying to get pregnant! Please God, not now.

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