Grammy, Nanny, Babysitter, or Daycare?

When I got closer to giving birth to Brayli the million dollar (basically, literally) question was, ‘Are you putting her in Daycare?’

I received many comments and opinions asking who was going to watch her while we were away at work, “daycare’s are nasty,” “a nanny is more intimate,” “babies need to socialize.” Opinions and comments flying from every which way and while they are all very true we had to make this decision on our own. We had to take each comment and concern into consideration and make best for our family.

We ultimately decided that daycare was best for us, but we took our time to do some research on plenty of the options.

Immediately, a simple babysitter was scratched off of our list. While it was the cheapest choice we knew it wouldn’t fit for us. A baby’s brain is constantly learning and growing and those first years are extremely important. We didn’t want someone to just watch her, we also wanted someone to teach her. DISCLAIMER:: It doesn’t mean that your child won’t learn or even be left behind! It just wasn’t for us.

That then, lead to research on a nanny! We interviewed 2 nannies. One was more like a babysitter for a nanny price and the other was great, she proved herself in teaching and possible play dates and/or social activities—with the same hefty price.  After careful consideration I started to wonder and my lovely anxiety got the best of me,  how comfortable am I trusting some random person from a few interviews to watch our precious child for majority of the day?

Not comfortable at all.

So here we are with daycare! Pricey, but way more affordable and very conducive to my anxiety filled head. Brayli has always had a big personality, but it has definitely flourished over the months. Every day I am amazed at the new words she speaks, new animals sounds she makes, or object she points out that she doesn’t hear at home very often. Her daycare provides up to date pictures, whereabouts (outside or inside), what she eats, when they change her diaper, even when they try out the potty. The amount of detail they give the parents is more than enough to make me feel comfortable. She also receives all of the love that people thought she would only get from a nanny at the daycare as well. She thrives around her ‘friends’ and it has allowed me a complete peace of mind.

Daycare isn’t for everyone, but neither are the other options. It isn’t one size fits all. Try them out. Set up tours and working interviews, but in the end make sure it fits what best for your pockets and your families lifestyle.

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