Gender Roles

What’s that?

The biggest shocker is when I bring in a meal to work and everyone asks, ‘Hey! That smells good. When did you cook that?’ Their facial expression when I explain that it’s, ‘my husbands week to meal prep’ is always the best.

It’s 2019 and things are for sure changing as far as traditional gender roles around the house.

At one point we did have fairly traditional roles, but in 2017 things changed— for the better and in 2018 we added a mini person that absolutely had to be attached at my hip due to me breastfeeding. At that point, things desperately needed to change as far as help around the house. I needed help and I asked for it!

Thankfully, my husband had no problem working together to find a new happy balance. We alternate days to cook and he definitely does the dishes more than I do. We’ve figured out a way that works for us at this point in life and stuck to it.

Below are a few tips on how to share roles around the house;

1. Communicate- Speak up! If you are overwhelmed then say it. As much as we (women) would love for men to read our minds. They can’t. Also, check in!

2. Boundaries- find out what you are willing to do and not do. For example, if you just can’t wash the dog. Ask your significant other if they don’t mind taking that chore solely by themselves!

3. Do it together- sometimes even sharing tasking can make it more enjoyable and less overwhelming. Finish in half the times, but also spend some extra time with your partner

4. Outsource- some people hate this because it makes them feel like they can’t handle everything. Truthfully, you can’t! Sometimes it’s best to pay for someone for a little extra sanity

In the end, gender roles…throw it out the window. Figure out what’s best for your family and don’t let anyone challenge it. Also, it’s okay not to complete every single task. Do what you can—don’t make it an extra job on top of the million you already have.

2 comments on “Gender Roles

  1. I’m definitely here for letting your partner know you need help and outsourcing if financially possible. I grew up watching both my parents cook, clean, do laundry and etc., and if I get married I’d like it to be similar, Unless we outsource everything, which would also work for me.

    What’s your favorite thing for him to cook?


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