Do NOT make us one of them.

Not because my relationship isn’t perfect–because it isn’t–but because you should strive to be your own relationship goals.

Before Marriage. December 2011

The many smiling faces and candid laughters on social media are not always real. We don’t know whats going on when they log off. There have been plenty times where people have seen the smiles, comment #goals, and within a few months the couple disappears from social media and soon we find out that they have parted ways. It leaves people helpless. They focused on those smiles and when it ends they feel like there is no hope for them.

I’ve never been the one to want another relationship except my parents– and even there are a few things that I would do different from theirs.

A few years ago one of my best friends introduced me to Transformation Church. At that time Pastor Mike Todd had just completed a series called Relationship Goals and the entire series was beyond amazing.

I would be lying if I ever told you that marriage wasn’t hard. The constant growing pains from being married at a young age can be a struggle. We’re continuously changing and learning ourselves. We’re learning how to be parents, it took me until 26 to have a ‘career’ and I still have more career related goals, my husband lost a career and is currently in school to start another– just a few major things that causes growing pains. Not too mention my moods are at an all time high because quarantining has me going crazy some days. Whenever things get too crazy I always try to refer back to the first series.  Even though I have seen good relationships growing up, I wanted to make sure that I was always giving it my all in our marriage. The first series touches on key points from dating onward, it explains the points of learning the tools that God wants you to learn to get your best out of your current relationship or ones in the future.

5 years married. July 2019

The most amazing part of it all is that he just started a second series! During the first series, I didn’t make much of a big deal to pressure my husband to listen to it. I asked him to listen to it and after he said he did I didn’t really follow up with him. We didn’t discuss it. This time I want it to be different. I want us to make sure that we both tune in at some point and discuss what is needed to help our relationship in any way possible. We’ll never be perfect for you, but the goal is to be perfect for us. Since we have essentially just started a new life I want us to make sure that we both are on the same page with a lot of things that are current, moving forward and continuing to put our best effort into our marriage.



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