The Most Frequently Asked Dental Questions–IMO

I’m sharing some of the most frequently asked questions from patients at the dental office!

1. Which toothpaste is best?

Anything that is FDA approved is good. I prefer FDA approved because the company legally has to show what ingredients are in it. This means that the amount of the ingredient that should be used should cause no harm– it’s regulated.  I personally use Crest because it has the best flavor, in my opinion. However, if Crest is not available I will use whatever is.

2. Can I use non-fluoridated toothpaste?

Use fluoridated toothpaste, please. Fluoride helps to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth from sensitivity. This is a constant tug of war between patients. Most patients have heard the negatives about fluoride, and even think fluoride application in the office is just for money. The amount of fluoride in toothpaste or fluoride application that you use daily to brush your teeth WILL not harm you–only help and it is NOT for money.

Think about it like this, fluoride is in soda. Do you drink soda? Yes—then you are ingesting fluoride.

Lay off the sodas though, the sugars in it cause cavities.

3. Which floss should I use?

Whatever you can get your hands on! While I prefer the regular traditional string floss, there are others that I suggest that you use if you don’t like traditional flossing. If you would like to use a water pik or plackers–use them. I don’t care, just FLOSS!

4. Can I get dentures to straighten my teeth?

Please don’t! Dentures are made for patients that are edentulous– or have no teeth. Many people confuse dentures with veneers. Those pretty, white, straight teeth that many celebrities have are veneers, not dentures. Another way to straighten your teeth would be with the use of braces. Traditional or Invisalign are the most popular. Do your research and communicate with your general dentist and orthodontist together to figure out what treatment option is the best for you.

5. Do Crest White Strips work?

Yes, they do.  However, it’s not as strong as the whitening you’ll get from the options a dentist gives you in the dental office as the concentration of in-house whitening is stronger. If you follow the instructions of Crest White Strips you will definitely notice a difference, but if you want a more dramatic change I would suggest allowing a dentist to whiten your teeth.

6. Is charcoal toothpaste really bad for you?

Charcoal toothpaste can be EXTREMELY abrasive to your teeth. It can be so abrasive that it can cause your teeth to become very sensitive over time because it scratches the first layer of your tooth called the enamel. I know that Crest has released Charcoal Whitening toothpaste. I haven’t used it, but I would still stay clear of anything too abrasive.

7. Do I need an electric toothbrush?

Need, but I just want you to brush your teeth, honestly. But, I do prefer an electric toothbrush to a manual toothbrush. Simply because us humans can be very heavy handed and cause so much trauma to the gums that it causes them to recede over time. Electric toothbrushes also do a lot of the work for us!

8. I stopped flossing because my gums bleed. What can I do to make them stop?

DON’T STOP FLOSSING! The only way to minimize the bleeding of your gums is by continuing to floss. Make it a habit and I can guarantee you see less bleeding over time.

There are a thousand  and one questions that we get asked on a daily basis working in a dental office, but I’ve heard these most frequently. I encourage you to ask questions when you visit your general dentist. You’d be surprised at how much you don’t know about your own teeth.

Happy Dental Health Care Month



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