Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I still can’t believe that I was given the blessing to be a mom. Life has been so different these past 2 years, I can barely remember what life was like before my daughter and I honestly don’t wish to go back. I would gladly trade in the many sleepless nights and loud screams just to be in her presence daily.


I was blessed to see generational love. All of the mothers in my family are phenomenal and I am extremely thankful that they were able to pave the way for me. Life could be so much different, but I am extremely grateful that these are the cards God gave me to deal.


Being a mom is a very rewarding, but under appreciated job. We grew an entire human being and now we have to try our best to make sure that they are fed, clothed, sheltered, and happy. A personal chef, masseuse, and that pre baby body should be one snap away, but it’s not. I am blessed enough have a husband to help, but everyone doesn’t have that. And let me tell you, this is definitely harder than dental school.

You can never prepare yourself for motherhood. Each day is different. They have their own wants and they don’t always match yours. There are days where I want a little extra sleep and she comes peeking her head through the door demanding breakfast. Or days where I have plans to take her outside in the backyard, but she demands going out to walk around the neighborhood.

But as I’ve said before, doing your best is the best. If we can’t get everything we want, we at least deserve this day.


Happy Mother’s Day, you are the best!

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