Dentistry Motherhood

Moms Are Superhero’s

During quarantine, one of the biggest things I learned was that I was NOT fit for being a SAHM. The second biggest thing I learned was that it was OKAY!

I have the biggest respect for SAHMS. They embody the poise and respect with the deepest patience that no other ‘entrepreneur’ honestly will every possess.

Going down the path of dentistry it was brought to my attention numerous of times that people (mainly men) had the biggest concerns about how I was going to work and have kids.

It never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do it.

It’s not easy, but it still never crosses my mind that I can’t.

I’ve watched several women handle work and family just fine. I am happy to have been in the same room as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives that were women. Almost all of them had kids.

This representation showed me that it was possible and I didn’t need to fit the picture of what someone else ‘thought’ a mom should look like.

I enjoy working. It allows for adult conversations that we all need from time to time. I also enjoy providing for my family—I love that my daughter can see that I’ve worked hard to reach my personal goals and that will help her reach hers in return.

The comments of questioning my capabilities only fueled a fire to keep me focused. I’m even more proud of those comments because I can tell the story of how I accomplished my goals with a family, how being a woman didn’t dictate my outcome and how it only meant all women are born superheroes.

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